A Thanks-giving Blessing

Temptation turns to triumph It would be the first Thanksgiving she’d ever spent alone. As much as she prayed and hoped, it seemed her son, deployed overseas, would not be able to be here. Her daughter had a family of her own now and lived halfway across the country.                           For several days, Marian had felt … Continue reading A Thanks-giving Blessing

Rebel Rising

When everything you know is questioned, you find out where you stand and what you really believe… Something had gone terribly wrong. Things like this did not happen to people like her. It had to be some mistake. She’d been trying to tell anyone who would listen since yesterday when the whole nightmare started but … Continue reading Rebel Rising

A Pearl of Great Price

               Every part of her body ached.  There had been too many men today.  She knew protesting was useless.  Either she would be denied food, beaten or worse and she had the scars to prove it.                Climbing, no crawling really, on to the pallet where she was not only forced to entertain customers but … Continue reading A Pearl of Great Price

Chasing a Shadow

               His heart racing, he turned from the broad alley into a narrower one, glancing behind every few paces to assure he was not being followed as he raced ahead.  He pulled his robe tighter around him, though the air was still and the night not chilly.  Thankful that there weren’t many about to take … Continue reading Chasing a Shadow

The Torturer

Fear is a prison. You can be free. The Taking I hate the library.  The air is still and almost stifling because there’s hardly ever anyone in it and even less movement.  Overhead the fluorescent lights are muted, an attempt to create a comfortable calm and peacefulness, I suppose, but at night it’s just a … Continue reading The Torturer

A Cry Before Drowning

You’re never too dead for a resurrection… It’s never too late for a new beginning Out on the beach, angry waves rolled and crashed against the outcropping rocks that stood stalwart against the assault.   Charging the sand, they lashed at it, licking savagely but unable to get past the shoreline.  Overhead, the dark clouds threatened … Continue reading A Cry Before Drowning

A Distant Dream

Sometimes dreams come true in unexpected ways Over the old city, dawn was slowly breaking.  As the sun crept over the eastern horizon, its rays crawled across slate and tile roofs glinting and flashing on the spires and domes of ancient buildings.  Warmth was already announcing its presence, heralded on the breeze from the harbor … Continue reading A Distant Dream

A Different Destiny

You are one of a kind. Unique. No one else can do what what you’re meant to do. Live your destiny.                 Marimba was tired.  They had traveled a long way and the hour was late.  She looked at Josak wearily and sighed.  “How much farther?”             He stopped and turned to look at her.  … Continue reading A Different Destiny