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A Gift

For God so loved the world that he gave His only Begotten Son … The greatest gifts are those wrapped only in the sacrifice of a loving heart                It had begun to snow.  Thankfully, it hadn’t affected the sidewalk enough to make walking in heels treacherous.  Still, she adjusted her scarf, pulled her coat … Continue reading A Gift

A Heavenly Hitchhiker

O Tidings of Comfort and Joy … It was one of those mercilessly cold nights; the kind where the air is so still, everything is clear and crisp. In the cloudless sky, the moon glowed bright and fuzzy, surrounded by a dark blanket, peppered with visible stars. On either side of the highway, as far … Continue reading A Heavenly Hitchhiker

A Christmas Prayer

God always answers prayer, just not always how you expect… Grace loved this time of year. Maybe it was her imagination, but it just seemed to her that at Christmas time, the atmosphere was a little warmer, people were a little friendlier and everything was a little brighter. She had come in for the milk … Continue reading A Christmas Prayer

A Thanks-giving Blessing

Temptation turns to triumph It would be the first Thanksgiving she’d ever spent alone. As much as she prayed and hoped, it seemed her son, deployed overseas, would not be able to be here. Her daughter had a family of her own now and lived halfway across the country.                           For several days, Marian had felt … Continue reading A Thanks-giving Blessing

Rebel Rising

When everything you know is questioned, you find out where you stand and what you really believe… Something had gone terribly wrong. Things like this did not happen to people like her. It had to be some mistake. She’d been trying to tell anyone who would listen since yesterday when the whole nightmare started but … Continue reading Rebel Rising

A Pearl of Great Price

               Every part of her body ached.  There had been too many men today.  She knew protesting was useless.  Either she would be denied food, beaten or worse and she had the scars to prove it.                Climbing, no crawling really, on to the pallet where she was not only forced to entertain customers but … Continue reading A Pearl of Great Price

Chasing a Shadow

               His heart racing, he turned from the broad alley into a narrower one, glancing behind every few paces to assure he was not being followed as he raced ahead.  He pulled his robe tighter around him, though the air was still and the night not chilly.  Thankful that there weren’t many about to take … Continue reading Chasing a Shadow